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Hi. I’m George. The stories I love the most are those in pictures, because I can make my own story from the images. My imagination is set free. I adore photographing weddings, because I can tell the natural story of your love and the real beauty of a wedding is that the occasion creates itself. It is organic; a living thing. I am a creative by nature. I like clever art and design and I have an eclectic taste in music. I enjoy travelling and I am lucky enough to do a lot of that in my job. But in the end life comes down to just one thing – the people you love. And I love spending time with my growing family. I would love to hear about the journey that has brought you this far.


George Bouzakis was born in Athens, where he still lives, in 1981. He travels a lot so the different scenery, people and events help him to develop his photographic attitude. He tries to excite the curiosity of the viewers with every shot, to wake up memories and provoke feelings. George documents a variety of weddings which include intimate island weddings, celebrity, royal and destination weddings, but all that matters is that two people come together in love.A skillful, voyeuristic approach to his work constantly pushes boundaries raising wedding photography to a whole new level. George is a true ‘people’s photographer’. His fun loving style coupled with an essential ability to communicate and interact with his clients is what sets George apart and draws people to him. George has been interviewed by wedding blogs, as well as his work being published in the Photographer 's Magazine.

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